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Twin Battery Isolator Combiner for 7,4V LiPo or A123

  The TBIC is a device used to enable powering the RC servo-receiver system from two separate battery packs isolated from each other.
This method provides an increased power supply redundancy.
Both batteries must be equally charged in order to equally draw the same current from each one.If one has less voltage than the other the higher battery pack is beeing discharged first until it's voltage reaches the voltage of the lower one and then the equal discharge of both batteries begins.

TBIC has two inputs per battery pack and two outputs for powering the receiver.This is to minimize voltage dropping across the cables which occurs when large currents are in demand.
The current capability is 5Amps(continuous) per battery channel and the operational voltage range is 5,5-8,4Volt.
There is a voltage drop across the device which ranges from 0,3-0,6V depending on current drawn (0,3@1A, 0,6V@5A).
It can be used either with simple 6V battery packs(6V ONLY due to the voltage drop) or with regulators for 2s LiPo or 2S A123 such as the RX regulator as shown in the examples.
In order to have maximum supply redundancy a separate regulator must be installed between each battery and TBIC.
You must adjust each regulator to have exactly the same voltage output(for example 5,5V) for proper operation.
This way even if one of the regulators or one of the batteries fail you still have the other one providing power to your system.
Alternative option is to use only one regulator supplied from the TBIC but this has the possibility of the single regulator failure.

The two battery packs equally supply the servo-receiver system which means that you must charge both of them after use.

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