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The solution to glow plug's supply problems.

Essential for competition flying.
Instant checking of your glow plug's condition.  

Delaying plug's supply means that you have time to turn your engine with the starter eliminating backfiring.










This glow plug driver has unique built in features that eliminate most of the hassle associated with the glow plug issue.
It is designed to be powered from a common 2 cell LiPo (600-2200 mAh or bigger) but can work also on any DC voltage source from 7 to 12 Volts.
SMART GLOW is housed in an ABS plastic box with just a master switch for control and two indicator leds.
Upon activation of the ON-OFF switch there is an initial delay of six seconds before providing power to the plug enabling you to get your starter turning the engine in the right direction eliminating backfiring.
It is evaluating the glow plug's condition by monitoring the current and signals for burned or bad condition plugs.
Selection of 1,5V or 2V plugs is provided.
A built in 3 minutes timer provides auto shut-off ensuring that you conserve precious battery capacity even if you forget to turn it OFF.
Constant monitoring of the input is present to warn you and to disable the device in case input voltage drops below the safe limits of a 2 cell LiPo battery pack.
Thermal protection and automatic shutdown ensures that no damage can occur.
The red/black wires must be connected to the input 2SLiPo battery and the orange/black wires to the glow-plug.
Red=+ plus Black=- minus Orange=+ plus Black=- minus
Upon activation of the ON-OFF switch the red led flashes for a period of six seconds and then power is delivered to the glow-plug indicated by the green led lighting continuously. According to the condition of the glow plug and/or quality of the connection the red led lights continuously(for a good plug and good connection) or flashes (for a worn out plug or not good connection).Slow flashing reflect a better plug and rapid flashing a worse one.
If the input voltage drops below 6,9V then the green led starts flashing and the glow-plug is being fed in short bursts of power following the green led's flashes. You can still start your engine but your 2SLiPo battery requires recharge.
If the input voltage drops more than 6,2V then the green led stops flashing and no voltage is provided to the glow-plug.At this point you must recharge the 2SLiPo battery and you cannot use the device any more.
If you want to increase the 1,5V voltage provided to the glow plug to 2V open the plastic box by unscrewing the four screws and move the black shorting jumper to the other place. This can compensate the higher voltage drop due to long output wires (more than 1m).

Dimensions 60 X 120 X 30 mm
Operating votage 7V - 12V DC( optimum=2s 7,4V LiPo battery pack)
Curent drain 2-3 A

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