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Suitable for model cars,airplanes,boats and robots.

Designed for 2S LiPo or 2S A123 or 5-6 NiMh cells

Adjustable output 4,9V-6,0V
Low dropout voltage range 0,1V@1A - 0,4@6A
Integrated failsafe switch saves switch harness



  Suitable for model cars,airplanes,boats and robots. It is not a switching regulator so no RF interference occurs which can even block the receiver's signal with bad results. The RX regulator is a linear voltage regulator designed to power the RC receiver from a 2S (2 cell) 7.4 V LiPo pack having an integrated failsafe switch also.It can be used with 5 cell (6V) battery packs also if the output voltage is adjusted for 4,9V - 5,4V (due to voltage dropout reasons) . Its output voltage is adjustable between 4,9 V- 6,1 V and the current capability is in excess of 4A. The input to output voltage difference depends on current loading and typical figures are 0,1V at 1A, 0,3V at 4A and 0,4V at 6A It is a kind of linear type regulator and so it produces some heat when heavily loaded but does not shut down itself as other linear regulators do leaving the receiver with no voltage at all until they cool down . For keeping up with heat just use it with 4A-5A average loads.
Integrated failsafe switch The failsafe switch operates the opposite way a standard switch works making almost impossible to have a switch contact failure.In a standard receiver switch a set of contacts touch each other in order to pass through them the bulk current both for the receiver and the servos .After some time these contacts become loose and dirt-coated thus introducing considerable resistance in the current's path and in some cases they open the circuit leaving the receiver with no power at all. The failsafe switch is controlled by opening a closed circuit removing the failsafe key which is a circuit jumper providing command for ON to a solid state switch .There is no chance of losing the power supply until we place the jumper back again to command it OFF.There is however a minor disadvantage which is that the solid state circuit consumes a small amount of current (1 mA) even if the receiver is not powered.This in effect means that if we plan to leave the model at rest for some time we have to disconnect the LiPo pack from the regulator.For a 2S pack of 1000 mAh the maximum period we can leave the battery connected to the regulator with the failsafe key installed is appx. 14 days, if the pack is left with 50% charge, before the battery is depleted.As it is always good practice to charge LiPo's in a safe and monitored environment the pack will be disconnected from the regulator for recharging, so just make sure, you do it within 14 days .

The RX Regulator can also be powered by 2x A123 cells(6,6 V) or 5 cells NiMh(6,0 V) with considerably less produced heat but usually at an increase of weight penalty. Checking for low battery voltage is easy with the VG2CLR voltage guard monitor or the ESV for 2S LiPo checker.Just insert it into the failsafe switch connector and, while moving the transmitter sticks around to simulate the loading of servos, observe the LED on the VG2CL.If the LED flashes the battery pack needs charging as it reaches the 6,2V region.If you use the ESV for 2S LiPo checker then you can see your battery status in detail and decide accordingly.

Weight 25 gr.
Dimensions 39 x 28 x 19 mm
Input voltage 8,5V max.
Maximum output current 4A continuous , 8A 1 sec bursts
Output voltage adjustable from 4,9V to 6,1V (factory adjusted for 5,5V)
Connection to the LiPo pack through 2 x 0,75mm red and black plain wires.
Connection to the RC receiver through universal receiver plug.
Connector for failsafe switch control is a 3 pin standard servo plug with associated circuit jumper(failsafe key).

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