Greek Electronics Co.



Greek Electronics Co.  

  GREEK ELECTRONICS is a company providing RF and other associated products since 1986 with commitment to product excellence and customer's satisfaction.  We are a totally GREEK company having clients both in GREECE and around the world offering high quality remote control and telemetry products and also specific use client oriented designs.  Some fields of use for our products are wireless pump control, automated irrigation control, telemetry oriented supervisory control, and recently we offer a line of complementary products for Radio Control Models.   The research and development department of the company is continuously working on improvement and integration of up to date techniques of modern electronics into existing, curent and future designs.   It goes without saying it that if you have a request or suggestion concerning our line of products or field of compatible applications feel free to drop us a line and let us know because it is the customer's feedback that shapes and improves products..........


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