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LiPo is a shortname for Lithium Polymer which recently is a popular chemistry for batteries.
A LiPo cell is the building block for LiPo packs and has a nominal voltage of 3.7V.The maximum permissable voltage is in the region of 4.2 V (+/- 20mV) and the minimum voltage is in the region of 2.9V.
A LiPo pack consists of cells connected either in series or parallel in order to obtain higher voltages than a single cell and or higher capacities.
A LiPo balancer is a device which acts as a current shunt at a preset voltage (4.18V-4.21V) thus protecting the LiPo celll across which it is connected during charge.
LB1 Single Balancer

LB1 LiPo balancer  


The LB1 is an analog balancer with shunting current capability of 2 Amperes adjusted for a 4.2V shunt threshold also providing a visual indication ( LED) .
Analog means that when the green LED is ON (4.17V) the LB1 starts bypassing current depending on voltage (greater voltage = greater current).
The factory alignment is at 4.17V and we advise against alteration.
The current handling limit is 2 Amperes and should not be violated.
Connection is very simple ,just connect the balancer's red wire to the plus terminal and the black wire to the minus terminal of the cell.This should be done during charge only and not during discharge.
The balancers , once connected to the pack , must not touch each other in any way.In other words they must be isolated.
Also do not cover the heat sink in any way so it is free to dissipate heat produced by current bypassing.
NEVER connect the LB1 to a greater voltage than 4.5V.
For packs equipped with TAPS find out where each individual cell presents it's terminals and connect observing polarity.
More information and application examples will be availaible in future postings.
SEEK TECHNICAL ADVISE if in doubt as short circuit is just round the corner and IT IS  DANGEROUS.


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